Incomplete: Range Murata THE MISSING SP REMIX Doujinshi Art

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Incomplete: Range Murata THE MISSING SP REMIX Doujinshi Art

Postby val » April 26th, 2007, 5:28 pm

Other than this item having a bit of wear on it (which isn't too bad based on what I've seen in Japan), it's not the original product sold by Range Murata: ... 0100823458

The Missing includes a sample stationary set with a few sheets of paper, a couple envelopes, a few silver seals, and a paper holder that holds the sample set inside. At the time, Range Murata had tried to produce stationary and he designed the paper's texture, as well as the complete set with all needed parts (excluding a pen) for writing a letter.

The item on eBay includes a 72 page notepad of a similar product. It doesn't include the stationary seals or envelopes. That notepad was sold at GofA, and he only included a sample letter set with the Missing. Perhaps, I'm just picky but it bothers me when a seller doesn't state this information on their listing because someone may buy it and think it's the complete product that RM sold at Comiket.

I think I might actually have the stationary pad. I've also seen it sold at a few second-hand shops, like Manadarake, for 100-300yen but I've never seen anyone bundle the notepad (a different product sold by Gofa - not PSE) with the Missing. I guess it could be worse. This book appears on eBay from time to time without stationary (not even one piece of it) or its exterior cover/case.
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Postby asgard » April 27th, 2007, 8:50 am

I had to go get my copy to make sure I had all the pieces you mentioned Val, but could I get confirmation, does it come with a pen too? Am getting a bit confused.

If not, whew, I have it all.
If so, damn ^_^;

I guess in situations like this, unless people have a reliable source that tells them exactly what a set is supposed to have, people just don't know. I wonder if the seller themselves knows?
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Postby val » April 27th, 2007, 9:44 am

Sorry for the confusion. No, there is no pen.

Mandarake does know if something is complete but they don't tell you if it's complete. They claim buyers should know by the price or the item is "used" so it's your responsibility to inspect it.

I think a lot of this stuff makes it to eBay because it's cheap in Japan. When a fan sees the cheaper item on eBay, they normally jump on it because they think it's a great deal.

Another example of an incomplete Faultlines... It's missing the pencil board and the starting price shows that something might not be right with it: ... dZViewItem
In Japan, Mandarke will price the item lower than other similar items, so you have to use caution.

I'm sure all of these sellers buy from Comiket & Mandarake. Mandarake has the market for used items in Japan, so unless the sellers are buying at auction, then they're most likely buying at Mandarake. There are other stores but nothing like Mandarake.
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