[2009-11-22] Buy/Sell/Trade Rules

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[2009-11-22] Buy/Sell/Trade Rules

Postby Firestorm ZERO » September 2nd, 2005, 2:49 am

Since we finally got some posts here :) I better add up some rules. I'm still lazy ~_~ I will add on more rules (and better wording) later on.

These following rules are addition to the main forum rules but applies only for this section (The B/S/T section).

- Threads can only promote PERSONAL SALES. For retail sales, please contact an administrator for advertising rates.
- No Taxes. As these are personal transactions, you cannot charge taxes.
- You cannot post an advertisement in the B/S/T forum on behalf of someone. If they wish to post an advertisement, please tell them to sign up an account.

- All thread titles MUST preceed with one of the following abbreviations before the title description.
- WTB = Wanted to buy
- FS = For Sale
- FT = For Trade
- CLOSED - Unavailable, Sold Out, etc.
- When transaction is complete, please change the thread title to the CLOSED tag.

- No illegal/pirated/bootleg stuff. You know what stuff I'm talking about.

- Links to auctions (eg eBay, Yahoo!, etc) are allowed.
- However, an auction-style thread, where the actual bidding and transaction occurs in this forum is NOT allowed.

- I recommend using Heatware (http://www.heatware.com) to keep track of feedback for transactions.

- If your post count is below 5. You are only allow to read threads in this forum.
- If you like to post, reply to an thread or PM the user, you need to get the community to know you better by posting in the other forums.

- Despite this is currently a small community, I still putting the legal mumbo jumbo.
- I do NOT endorse or guarantee any of the trades in this forum section so buyer beware.
- I am NOT responsible for any trouble (scams, trouble with buyer/seller, etc.) but will provide as much help as possible. Contact an administrator for help.
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Postby Firestorm ZERO » March 29th, 2007, 10:09 pm

Discussion of Retail Sales

You may post a thread on a sales of retailers and online shops that might interest the community.

For now, it will be in the BST forum. I have not decided if it should be in the Store forum instead yet. Also doesn't merit a separate forum yet.

Threads should be marked as "RETAIL" in the beginning.

As well NO referral links or it will result in a ban. Only referral links allowed are the Zero Type ones.
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