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Bootleg Formcode...

Postby val » February 2nd, 2007, 7:33 am

Thanks Mr D for your help!

The bootleg arrived today, and I must admit that it's 1000% nicer than I expected. It's hard-cover & 100% full color on pretty thick paper. Some of the illustrations look a bit stretched, but for $9.95, I expected a thin, low quality book. It even has a paper jacket over the hard-cover and an obi.

As for S&H, book arrived fast. Packaging is pretty flimsy and not adequate for a hard-cover book, but it still arrived okay. It's not like the condition matters anyway.

Already spoke w/Murata today. He's going to draw something on your calendar for you. He works at home but he's not there right now. He's at Toranoana tomorrow for an event, and then Comitia. However, he wants to see the book so we're going to try to meet late tonight or this weekend before Comitia. I'll let you know once we have your special calendar so you can get an idea of when it will ship/arrive.

Murata also asked us to thank you. We gave you all the credit, so he thinks you're a pretty big fan who ran out to buy a bootleg for him. LOL. :wink:

I don't support bootlegs but if you absolutely can't support the real product for financial reasons, this book has everything even works released since formcode LE. Sadly, this will likely hurt Murata's sales, and it sounds like they may not release a standard edition of formcode. At least, there's nothing in the works, so that's bad news.
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