List of authentic + bootleg stores

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List of authentic + bootleg stores

Postby Firestorm ZERO » January 25th, 2007, 4:00 pm

How to Add a Store

- Send me a PM with a link and proof and your reasoning why it should be under a certain category


- All list items will have an AS OF date of when it was last checked. A store can go from authentic->bootleg and vice-versa. Therefore even if they are under a certain category, if it wasn't updated in a while, you should proceed with caution.
- Location is NOT used to determine if they are authentic or not. I have gotten authentic items from Hong Kong which are widely considered to be always bootleg.
- This is NOT a discussion of about the store, testimonials and policies (customer service, refunds, etc.) This is ONLY regarding the authenticity of its items.

eBay Notes

- Only Power Sellers and eBay stores are in this list.
- eBay users have the ability to CHANGE their user name (a real fault in eBay IMO). Therefore be sure to note the AS OF date.

Authentic Category

- To be considered authentic, 95%+ have to be authentic. Why not 100% because bootlegs are getting so hard to detect that even big name stores are getting fooled (I remember seeing a thread about Big Bad Toy Store had a bootleg Street Fighter figure but good thing they removed it promptly)

Uncertain Category

- This is where the store has both authentic and bootleg items. So caution is needed.

Bootleg Category

- To be considered bootleg, 60%+ of items are bootleg.
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