Toradora (Spoiler)

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Toradora (Spoiler)

Postby Arcturus » April 5th, 2009, 11:39 pm

This series has finished up with 25 episodes. For some reason episode 24 was sort of a prequel to the series.

I really loved this series. I was never one for school room drama/comedy, but between Toradora and Hyakko, I am sold now.

It is good that the creators of the show completed the series with Taiga and Ryuji together. Especially since they hinted
throughout the series they had special feelings for each other.

The show had high quality animation, good story, and characters you actually cared about. If there is a sequel hopefully,
they will not mess with Taiga's and Ryuji's relationship, but perhaps have an arc about Minori.
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