FS: SF anime theme Arcade stick

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FS: SF anime theme Arcade stick

Postby Gamertag » January 19th, 2009, 8:51 pm

Using the same style as this:

Plexi-glass cut-out around the buttons,
Highly regarded Japanese arcade parts:
-Sanwa OBSF-30 Pink buttons
-Sanwa JLF-TP8Y stick
Strong and durable adhesive Vinyl, nice to the touch
High quality rubber feet
Optional for Xbox 360 or PS3 or PS1/2 pcbs installed

Art change possible for buyer I guess.



Also has ultra bright pink led for power (not turned on in the pic).



I'm the UK, look me up with the handle giga_d on http://neoempire.com , I am staff at that site. Also look up my past sticks in my sig.

UK prices:

I'll take £75 inc postage for a 360 or a PS3 pcb installed

I'll take £65 inc postage for a PS1/2 (playstation 1 and 2 compatible) digital pcb installed.

USA prices including postage:

£85 for xbox 360 or PS3 pcb inside.

£75 for just a ps1/2 pcb inside.

Postage to the USA is high unfortunately as I am in the UK.

Regards. Will probably ebay it if no ones interested.

Image youtube page showing some of my sticks.
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