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Negima #19

Postby MrDisco » September 4th, 2008, 11:24 pm

Just received my copy today and read the first few pages. Two notable things:

1. Why do American publishers insist on injecting American slang? Today's offender is the use of the slang word "A'ight" as spoken by Nagi. When Did Nagi become a ghetto-speaking thug? Maybe I'm just turning into an old man, but I hate ghetto slang in real life, despise it even more when it starts infecting my favourite titles.
2. Special bonus: Pactio cards! well not really, but in this volume Del Rey has printed 4 pactio stickers, Asuna, Konoka, Nadoka, and Setsuna. All 4 are on one page so you can imagine they're not very large. I say when this series comes to its eventual end that we rabid fans get a set of pactio cards printed on high quality card stock!
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