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EDEN: It's an Endless World & Tanpenshu

Postby Slaigar » August 30th, 2008, 6:20 am

I'm way too overdue on making this topic. After Blame! and Gunslinger Girl, EDEN was one of the first few series on my shelf. With Blade of the Immortal, it is one of my favourite series to date and I highly recommend it to any seinen fans.

Just tossed on my bed with the plastic covers on.

EDEN: It's an Endless World Hiroki Endo

Releases: 10 of 18. DarkHorse is releasing it at a slow pace. Volume 11 is scheduled for Feb '09.
EDEN is a rare mix of a well told storyline along with gripping action. I find this one hard to sum up, there is just too much! It is set in the future where the world has been torn apart by a virus, the only ones who survive are the immune or and those who rely on technology to keep them alive. The main story follows Elijah Ballard, the son of biggest drug dealer/gangster in South America. Though he is detached from his father, the story follows as him as he turns from a wuss to a hardened criminal. That's the story for the first few arcs. Then the real story takes off when he reaches adulthood (which I won't say anything about).
The Art
It's great. Not the best, but it's still really good. The environments are full of detail and action scenes are drawn fluidly.
Sex and Violence
Explicit sex and violence run rampant through EDEN and it's great. Details aren't left out with either. The sex can be raunchy and the gore is to the point where it's "Holy sh*t, what the hell?" as people get blown up, beheaded and ripped apart often. One thing that will always be in my mind is 40page hand-to-hand combat scene in volume 4. Seriously, it was just too awesome.
A Story for the Dead
Endo doesn't cheapen any of the main characters, especially those who are about to die. If there one lesson I got from EDEN, it's that a well told background story of a character usually means he/she is up on the chopping block. Each one gets a deep background story that fleshes out the reasons of their last minute choices. It has me on toes. I can't tell who's going to live or die and I like it that way.
A lot goes on at once. Several fight scenes may be happening simultaneously or several plots unfolding at the same time. It's to the point where it needs to re-read a few times to get it all in. I'm still confused at a few parts of the story, but the DH releases give me a good chance to read again.

Tanpenshu Hiroki Endo
Releases: 2 of 2 (Complete)
It is a collection of short stories/oneshots. The atmosphere is similar to EDEN as the environments are usually futuristic, decrepit. If you manage to read through EDEN and enjoyed it, Tanpenshu is a must. Though no action scenes, it still has graphic violence and explicit sex. The stories lean towards the drama side.
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