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Junk: Record of the Last Hero

Postby Syn13 » August 27th, 2008, 7:24 pm

Well I've just finished the last volume making the series a total of 7. As the whole series doesn't have a deep plot to it, the actions of the cast really push the story and as you realize near the end, things fit in together.

Simply to put it, volume 1 - 6 deals with the prototype Junk suit and it's wearers emphasizing more on the main character, Hiro and his exploits of his Black suit. Being able to do anything, he uses the suit to his advantage but as the White Junk suit appears, she ends his fun for not using it for the better of man kind and justice. An incident involving an affair with his best friend's mother and herself being kidnapped makes he avoid using the suit permanently in fear of what he would do, with the Black Junk out of the way, a Red Junk appears, committing horrendous acts. As the Junk company decides that the mass production Junk is ready to be released, they send a notice to all Junk Prototype wearers for their suits and their counselors return to return, those who do not comply will be dealt with. The White and Black decide to return their suit while the Red wearer fears no one and believes in the theory that Prototypes should preform better than mass productions, he quickly finds out in his case, its the opposite and dies by the hand of the Blue Junk.

Volume 7 and pretty much a Spider-Man volume where Hiro(the black junk) defeats the Blue Junk and realizing that with his power as a human being and a Junk wearer, comes the heavy burden of responsibility. Some what of a twist comes up in this battle and that was his first Junk Counselor in the Blue suit.

Not bad, the only thing I would have liked to see what an epic final battle and probably the appearance of the White Junk at the end. Even though she told her whole back story and why she wanted power as a finale to her character, it would have been nice to see her at at the end but instead they just show Hiro with his best friend(I guess now lovers) with a back bone(which she has been trying to help him develop).
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