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Two new mini-reviews

Postby MrDisco » July 30th, 2008, 1:46 am

I just started reading "Unbalance x Unbalance" and "Sekirei" in the past couple of weeks.

Unbalance x Unbalance (from Wiki):
"Jin-Ho returns a wallet and cell phone to a beautiful young woman (Hae-Young Na) in a book shop, little realizing that she would find out that he has already (rather presumptuously) taken 7000 won to buy a book he really wanted. The woman in question is understandably rather upset but decides to consider the money as a loan, which she expects to be paid back.
On the first day of the new school year he learns, to his horror, that the very same woman is to be his new homeroom teacher."

UxU is a Korean 'manhwa' by Lim Dall-young (author) and Lee Soo-hyon (artist). I don't normally read Korean works, however the art work is what caught my eye. In the great tradition of ecchi manga, UxU features busty, curvy women in various outfits and poses :) The story takes on the Maison Ikkoku template of a younger man chasing after an attractive older woman. As the story develops Jin-Ho's harem increases with different females vying for his attention. Through it all he remains committed to winning over Hae-Young's heart, but of course the age difference and your typical school cliches get in the way (misunderstandings, blackmail, bullying, etc). Going by this title there's not much difference in cultural values between Korea and Japan other than the girls are just as mean as the boys, and Jin-Ho's dad can dish out a severe beating as punishment!
Frankly there's nothing new or ground breaking in this series, but if you like ecchi romance stories than this is one to pick up for sure. It's still on-going but really we all know how it's going to end.

Sekirei (from Wiki):
"Minato Sahashi has failed the college entrance exam twice, is awkward around women, and unemployed. Growing up, he could never stand up to his mother or little sister, a trend that continues to this day. In reality, Minato is extremely intelligent, yet his inability to cope under pressure results in his constant failure. As a result he has been branded an idiot and loser by many. One day, Minato meets a girl named Musubi, who literally falls from the sky. Minato soon learns that he is an 'Ashikabi', humans with special genes that allows them to partner with 'Sekirei'. The Sekirei are 108 super-powered beings created by the mysterious MBI corporation. Made up of cute girls, buxom women, and bishōnen, the Sekirei fight in a dangerous and sometimes deadly competition called the 'Sekirei Plan'. With the entire city of Tokyo as the battlefield, the Sekirei seek out those humans who are destined to become their Ashikabi partner. Minato soon learns that being the partner of a beautiful girl is not all fun and games, especially when he discovers that an Ashikabi can have more than one Sekirei partner, and that's where the real trouble starts."

So we have yet another harem involving a clueless (but powerful) dimwit who over the course of the story builds an enviable assortment of attractive women. The story reminds me of Battle Royale in that you have a set battlefield controlled by a mysterious overseer with a dwindling number of players as the story progresses. The ecchi element is nicely handled as you get plenty of nudity (clothes getting ripped during combat, the spa scenes, etc) and the power-up process between an Ashikabi and a new partner involves plenty of deep kisses (when the two kiss the Sekirei becomes winged and consequently bound to the Ashikabi). The story is ok with a couple of twists in the plot to keep things interesting. Minato is likeable enough, but of course the real attraction here is seeing the various women vying for his attention (picture 4 women crawling into bed with him!) and watching them beat each other up.
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