"Kamiyadori" by Kei Sanbe

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"Kamiyadori" by Kei Sanbe

Postby Arcturus » August 17th, 2007, 2:55 am

On one of my work excursions to San Diego, I stopped by a Japanese book store and picked up the first two volumes of this series. Since I can't read Japanese, didn't really understand the plot, other than these agents and a sometimes clothed girl go around killing crazed people or zombies. Main reason I picked it up though was because of the art. Kei Sanbe's work grabbed me. I really can be picky when it comes to manga, though I am a bit more relaxed when it comes to anime.

I saw TokyoPop's editon of volume three, so I picked it up. It is nice to know the story now. Still a good series and good artwork for a manga.
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Re: "Kamiyadori" by Kei Sanbe

Postby Slaigar » August 17th, 2007, 3:29 am

Kei Sanbe does a good job on drawing all his women sexy. Props to that! He also did a four volume title that was published under CMX called Testarotho. However, Testarotho was cut short (which only left a cliffhanger ending with no problems resolved) so I was glad that to see another one of his projects picked up. I enjoyed reading through it until the 4th volume just killed it. A few of the character designs were recycled in Kamiyadori- which was definitely nice to see them again.

I read through volume 1 but haven't picked up volume 2 and 3 of Kamiyadori yet (TP books make me a bit wary). Quite tempted to, just because the manga looks so crazy.
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Re: "Kamiyadori" by Kei Sanbe

Postby Syn13 » November 2nd, 2007, 1:00 am

Same here, I bought the first volume around a month ago along with King of Thorn.

Good beginning, great art and interesting story and concept(Scissor Shotgun and drugs). I gotta pick up vol 2.
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