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Onegai Twins

Postby MrDisco » September 10th, 2006, 3:26 am

Just came back with a pile of new books. Onegai Twins was something that caught me by surprise as I didn't see it in the new comic release sheet. As I'm sucker for the franchise, I picked it up sight unseen (as an aside I'm ashamed to admit I also picked up the Onegai Teacher novelization..can't remember if I ever bought the Onegai Twins novell..)

This release is by DrMaster. I find their titles and production standards to be second rate so I wasn't expecting much from this release. It's shorter then your typical Viz/DR/TP release...even shorter than DH's OMG re-release. The cover has a nice full colour shot of Maiku, Karen, and Miina, while the back has a shot of the supporting cast. There's one thin glossy full colour page for the contents, with the rest of the book done in the typical paper pulp used by publishing companies. It's not the best, but it's not horrible either.

The artist is Akikan who takes on the job of interpreting Please!'s anime. The characters are a pretty good re-creation of the anime (unlike the badly done Eva comedy currently out). Clocking in at 218 pages (with 8 pages of omake at the end), the story quickly introduces us to Maiku and his new housemates Miina and Karen. The twist is one of them is Maiku's twin sister as they each have the same eye colour (blue which is apparently quite rare) and they all hold the same photo of two very young siblings.

The end is similar to the anime, however the way they reach that conclusion is slightly different. Overall it was a fun, light read but its not something I would rush out to buy. As a one-shot it moves far too quickly for my tastes and the mystery who is really Maiku's sister could have easily been drawn out. On the other hand the art isn't bad, the translations seems ok, and it seems some effort was placed into this release as even SFX is translated. What I also found neat was that unlike their mainstream competition, there are no ads in this book (which means you don't have 5 pages of ads at the back or annoying inserts that fall out and nearly poke someone's eye out while laying back reading. but i digress).

So I give it 7/10 because I'm a sucker for this series.
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