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Dance in the Vampire Bund

Postby Syn13 » August 30th, 2008, 7:53 am

With the many mangas I have at the moment, I just finished volume 1 of this. Too early to say if its good or not but I did like the beginning.

In a nut shell: Vampire Princess decides to create a city just for vampires on a human made island beside Tokyo in a world where Vampires and other "monsters"(like werewolves, for example is what the main character is) are just hocus pocus. Why would the Japanese government allow this? Simple, they paid off their outstanding debt so thy got nothing to say. The main story is really just about the main character, now 17 or so(can't remember) is assigned to be the close personal servant to Princess which was intentional because they were really really close childhood friends, protecting her from people who want to take her out and ending the Vampire species(really didn't explain this, either that or I was flipping through it really quickly because I was reading this in public and massive amount of ecchi/loli in the first half).

As the common chemical for mischief, its been 10 years since the two last met and goes through embarrassing moments as she is naked and still looks 7 and at the same time, the love connection from when they were young and how it would never work because of that...unless...she would magically transforms into older looking lady which resembles her mother's look...
They also go into what Vampires would do in their life style(pretty much partying every night with lots of blood spraying around, russian roulette and children who had their fangs pulled out to keep whatever humanity they have left).

Like all series at then end of the volume, they leave you wanting a bit more since something strange has just happened.

If you read/reading this and enjoy a similar series but a bit mild on the content offered, I would suggest Blood Alone. This also contains a similar formula between the main character but instead of the action packed-ness of DitVB, its replaced with slice of life type which makes the leading lady of Blood Alone so darn cute! Of course, Blood Alone does contain some action as well with the male lead trying to solve who has killed his sister plus hes got partial vampire powers!

Seven Seas' page for the series
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