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Postby val » May 16th, 2007, 4:09 am

Thanks for posting, k2kevn. I didn't feel right posting it, so I'm glad you did it. However, the book is now sold out. We only bought 12 copies, and I just remembered that I sold 4 copies on Yahoo JP a few months ago, so we've already sold the difference on eBay. Oddly, Ugetsu didn't print very many copies on the first round and didn't reprint UH:Rondo for Comitia earlier this month. I thought he would reprint and I'd have a second chance. However, he showed up at Comitia with the slip cover box for Lith/Orbital. He gave the box away for free. GRRRR. He's so unpredictable.
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Postby MrDisco » May 17th, 2007, 4:08 am

K2kevn wrote:FYI Ugetsu Fans:

Tokyocentral2 has UH: Rondo on sale ebay:

shoot missed it.
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