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Re: C73 - PSE, Yellow Tag, ABe

Postby val » January 6th, 2008, 6:52 am

Umetsu's home page:

Appears to include anme production art, like cel line art, storyboard works, etc. for "KITE LIBERATOR".

Looks like it has 48 pages but that likely includes both sides of the cover, as well as blank pages, because that's how they count pages in Japan. It is likely about 42 pages or less in content. Makes sense for the prices on Yahoo because his previous doujin was 160 pages, so it's about 25% of the content found in his other books.

There are some with a BIN for 2000 yen on Yahoo. There are a lot of listings for it too.
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Postby nat » January 6th, 2008, 3:14 pm

Thanks for the info val! Guess I'll continue with the gut instinct to wait before buying. XD
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Re: C73 - PSE, Yellow Tag, ABe

Postby matman » January 19th, 2008, 7:36 am

Thanks for the cool info, val! I love the new calender cover. His art really is like fine wine ...or something.

I ordered the THROW LINE on eBay a couple weeks back. I was actually surprised to see new Murata material since I haven't any heard much else about him in a while.

The seller (otaku_life) got screwed by PayPal for taking to much in payment and weren't considered a legitimate business. I don't think they'll be dealing with PP for a while.

Since many people cancelled their orders I asked for a couple more copies and they OK'd it, so once I receive them I'll make a thread and offer a couple here if anyone is interested.
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