Advent Children DVD cheap. Fake?

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Advent Children DVD cheap. Fake?

Postby Animefan1 » January 27th, 2012, 3:56 am

Seen a few copies on ebay like this: ... 625wt_1037

The only suspecting thing about it is that its only $13 with free shipping, yet it says 4,800 Yen on the sticker. He has a LOT of positive feedback from mainly selling cheap CDs but surely if they were fake at least one of those people would have noticed and given bad feedback. He also has the Japanese codes (which I've checked and are correct - not the chinese/hong kong versions). The movie wasn't distributed by Sony in Japan like the US/EU, and it seems they don't have a hologram sticker on the back. So do you think its legit?
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Re: Advent Children DVD cheap. Fake?

Postby Firestorm ZERO » January 28th, 2012, 2:04 am

I don't think there are lot of Japan import movie buyers in this forum. You might get better luck at

Looking at the front and back it is all Japanese (not like an Asian version with multi-languages). I would find it strange for bootleggers to bootleg the Japanese version unless it is like a limited version. Usually they would bootleg the HK or Taiwan release because they would have English subtitles (since the English market is much bigger to sell to).

4800 Yen was most likely the price when it was first released. Considering the blu-ray version released 3 years later is the director's cut (which has more scenes) and DVDs now considered "old", they are most likely trying to clear old stock so I think $13 is a fair price.

As far as I can see, it doesn't look like a fake (note I am not expert on this and no 100% legit version to compare with).
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