SOLD -- Figure Collection Clareance Sale. 40% OFF!

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SOLD -- Figure Collection Clareance Sale. 40% OFF!

Postby johnny46 » May 6th, 2009, 8:33 am


have been a month now. still haven't located a job. i need to sell the rest of my figure away. :(
these my most favorite collection. do contact me as soon as possible coz like last time they go quick.

Asuka in Plugsuit and Rei Ayanami in Plugsuit Gathering SOLD
This is the best in my collection. love them. couldn't get my eye off when they were released. the quality is super (they are pre-painted resin). the clothes of breast part can be cast off. they came with the NERV emblem base as well. I got them for less 3 months ago from E2046. very unfortunate no job offer at the moment, got it let it go. box included!

Gurren Lagann Gathering SOLD
Not much of a Mecha fan but when i first saw article about this baby at it was a must-buy. glad E2046 did have it but i spent over SG $500. it's 32 high came with a cool base. Best Mecha Gathering since RX-93 Hi-Nu Bust. It really capture all my friends eye when they walked in. box included

Suzumiya Haruhi Extravaganzav version PVC SOLD
Made by Max Factory. love the design. received it on 26 April. stayed in the box most of the time. only took it to the beach for a few photos last week. box included

Gothic Dress Devil Girl Gathering SOLD
it's my first Gathering from E2046. got it 2,3 years ago not long when i got into university. it was a good buy. this babe is 26cm tall. the quality is great comparing to PVC. way better than PVC. kept it in my showcase most the time. still in great condition. no box!

Dark Magician Gathering SOLD
after getting the Dark Elf Gathering, decided to get this one as well. i believe a lot of folks like me got this one after the Dark Elf. it's great one. look great as a pair with Dark Elf. sold the dark elf one earlier. now this one needs to go as well. no box!

Chua Churam (PVC) SOLD
bought it in Japan during my short holiday. stunning dress with great detail. wish it was a resin. i'm still happy with it as PVC. i believe it is made by ALTER. the box is a bit damage but the figure is fine.

send a PM with your mobile number or email for international buyer if you want to buy. no bargain plz. they go VERY QUICK.
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