2005-11-01 - Monthly Report

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2005-11-01 - Monthly Report

Postby Firestorm ZERO » November 2nd, 2005, 3:17 am

Ok. Last month was bad month for me. I got TONS of assignments and school work to do. And this month (Nov) ain't better (in fact it is worse). During my break week I got a flu ~_~. Thus I wasn't able to get thing done and spruce up my website as planned ~_~.

Time once again for lame stats of last month...

Total Registered Forum Users - 26
Data Transferred for the Month - 68.38 MB
Most Popular Day - Oct 18
Most Popular Time - 09:00
Most Popular Referrer - Yahoo! Mail
Most Popular Search Query - ugetsu hakua doujinshi (followed by Galgrease)
Most Popular Browser - MS Internet Explorer (~_~)
Most Popular OS - Windows XP (hey but I have some mac users ^_^)

I'm still alive. I'm watching the forums ;) But I'll be most likely more active till next sem when I have my student help desk job.
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