Bittersweet Endings - Spoilers

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Bittersweet Endings - Spoilers

Postby Arcturus » November 13th, 2008, 7:10 am

I decided to finish up some series this week, and got nailed by them.

Bought the Chrono Crusade thinpak collection some months ago, but only recently finished volumes five and six. I knew Rosette was going to die at the end since I read about it, and the series makes no bones about it, because it was always hanging over her head that her life was ticking away. Though to actually see it, and to see the conditions they were living under at the time was extremely saddening. Though it did make perfect sense, and you couldn't really complain. I liked the touch of Chrono deciding to die with her, because he too wanted more of that precious time with Rosette. Some people complained that Rosette's regrets at the end made her wimpy, but that is a load of crap. She just wanted more time, the war was over, and she and Chrono could actually spend some quality time together, but it was all cut short. This was a good series with an ending that made sense and made the main characters all too human. At least the Church found the bodies before decay set in, perhaps a sign from above.

The next heartwrencher was Code Geass R2. Did a marathon of R2. Another ending that made sense though you wish it didn't for Nunnally's sake. At least Nunnally was able to see the truth at the end. It would have been horrible, if Lelouch died with Nunnally thinking evil of him. As to the Lelouch is dead debate, the creator nailed that one down. I see it as C.C. talking to Lelouch, just like she talked with Marianne.

Finally, watched the end of Gurren Lagann on Cartoon Network. Talk about mind numbingly depressing. Simon saves the Earth, saves the universe, and saves Nia the woman he loves from the anti-spirals, only to have her disintegrate on their wedding day. True it was touching, but there was no real reason for it. Really didn't buy the theory, that her life force came from the anti-spirals. After all, Lordgenome was her father and her mother was human. So you have Nia dying on her wedding day, and Simon living the life of a drifter after that. Sorry, the the uplifting message of the future generations didn't really get through,after all the useless and unneccessary dispair. You'd think that it would kill the Japanese to have a truly happy ending.

I understood the first two series sad endings, but Gurren Lagann's had no business. Seeing Simon as a wandering drifter was the final nail.

So while for some of you this is old news, for me it was a depressing week.
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Re: Bittersweet Endings - Spoilers

Postby BigPfeiffer » November 13th, 2008, 4:30 pm

I really liked the ending to TTGL - I think I prefer sad endings or bittersweet endings...that may possibly be a little warped thinking about it now. ;)
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Re: Bittersweet Endings - Spoilers

Postby Ogre AN-21 » November 14th, 2008, 6:46 am

What I didn't like about Chrno Crusade is that the villain guy lived. Geez, it's been so many years though that I forgot his name. Aion, was it? People crying about Rosette complaining /facepalm. You're 16(I think) and know you're going to die in a few moments. Who wouldn't bitch and have regrets?

Lelouch dying was epic but I still don't like him lol. The whole thing with R2 is that sometimes it feels rushed or some things just don't make sense. Not only that they left us with an ending that let's the viewer ultimately decide what happened to Lelouch... Which sucks. I say he's dead but then again, people don't die if they are killed. The ending didn't show what happened to everyone, kind of irritating for me.

I thought the Gurren Lagann ending was okay. No complaints here.

Hey at least bittersweet endings are far better than "PEOPLE DON'T DIE IF THEY ARE KILLED" endings.
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